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martedì 3 giugno 2008.
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-   The political order of socialist countries
Message to Symposium on the political order of future socialist countries the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey/North Kurdistan hold in Frankfurt (Germany) on 24 - 25 January

4th February 2009

-  Let the new year be the one of the establishment in our country of a Popular-Bloc government that puts an end to the crisis!
1st January 2009 - Statement

-  Solidarity with Palestinian people resisting Zionist occupation!
28th December 2008 - Statement

-  The new general crisis of capitalism opens the way to socialism!
19th December 2008 - Statement

-  Let’s become communist, let’s form the leading group of the Communist Party!
Let’s be morally tenacious, intellectually sharp!

Article by Anna M. from La Voce (The Voice of the (new)Italian Communist Party) No. 30, November 2008

-  The victory of Barack Obama in US presidential elections is an excellent sign for the Communists, the progressives and Democrats of the entire world, for oppressed peoples and classes in every corner of the world, who resist the undeclared war of extermination carried out by the imperialist bourgeoisie and its agents and accomplices!
5th November 2008 - Statement

-  Socialism is that too!
9th September 2008- Statement

-  Afghan Resistance has hit the aggressors hard again!
Long live Afghan people’s heroic Resistance!

22nd August 2008- Statement

-  Smouldering war Georgia-Russia
17th August 2008- Statement

-  Nepal - The First Great Victory of International Communist Movement in 21st Century
Article by Umberto C. from La Voce (The Voice of the (new)Italian Communist Party) No. 29, July 2008

-  Against the economism
Article from La Voce n° 29, July 2008

-  Let’s celebrate the victory we’ve reached in the Eighth Legal Proceedings (ELP) launched by Italian Authorities against the “Caravan”, group that brought to the reconstruction of (new)Italian Communist Party!
4th July 2008 - Statement

-  Struggle to establish socialism and struggles of claims
1st July 2008 - Statement

-  Democratic revolution or socialist revolution
Pluripartitism or dictatorship of the proletariat

20th June 2008 - Statement

-  On May 28th in Nepal, the democratic revolution abolished the monarchy who claimed to have divine origin
1st June 2008 - Statement

-  To the parties, to the organizations of the communist movement, to the not organized communists!
May 2008 - Statement

-  Manifesto Program of the (new) Italian Communist Party
19th March 2008 - Statement

-  The participation of our country in the US preventive war and in the imperialist aggression against the oppressed countries, and the deterioration of living and working conditions for the majority of Italian popular masses are the two sides of the Italian imperialist bourgeoisie’s Common Program! These two sides are closely linked to each other!
14th January 2008 - Statement

-  Freedom for Jose Maria Sison!
4th September 2007

-  (new) Italian Communist Party greet the 4th August 2007 celebrations of 25th anniversary of MLPD

MLPD International Seminar, 2nd - 3rd August 2007
-  The preparation of international revolution in its relation with the great mass movements

-  The struggle of the international working class, the anti-imperialist struggles of the peoples and the marxist-leninist partybilding

-  The 90th anniversary of the October Revolution
Article from La Voce, n. 26,July 2007

-  Let’s give the welcome they deserve to Bush and his hosts: the Vatican and the government of Prodi-D’Alema-Bertinotti !
27th May 2007

-  Message to the International Conference
"With the Resistance, for a just peace in Middle East",
Chianciano Terme 24th-25th March 2007

15th March 2007

-  The future of Vatican
Article from La Voce, n. 23, July 2006

-  An important victory of communist movement: the comrades Giuseppe Maj and Giuseppe Czeppel are free!
Message of Provisional Commission of the Central Committee 25th May 2006

-  The second phase of the first socialist countries
Article from La Voce, n. 22, March 2006

-  Ten theses on the Second World War and the communist movement
Article from La Voce n. 20, July 2005

-  The necessity to revise the experiences of the past and to work out the present experiences by the light of the theory of the long lasting popular revolutionary war
Article from La Voce, n. 18, November 2004

-  Founding declaration of (n)PCI
1st November 2004

-  The necessity of distinguishing between the universal and particular laws of the protracted popular revolutionary war
Article from La Voce, n. 17, July 2004

Article from La Voce, n. 16, March 2004

-  Let the Communists of the imperialist countries unite their forces for the renewal of the communist movement
Article from La Voce, n. 12, November 2002

-  The eighth discriminating factor

Article from La Voce, n. 9, November 2001 and n. 10, March 2002

-  Which Party do we need
An abstract from La Voce, n.1, March 1999